Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our School Librarian is RECYCLING

Our librarian, Angie Oliverson, is working with Terracyle to recycle these items into new and useful items ... instead of sending them to a landfill. KEEP IT UP! This isn't a one time or one week thing. We'll keep doing it from here on out.

  This is just a small portion of the trash we've been able to save from landfills.

Check out to see what they do with all of our garbage.

Items our school is recycling...
 •drink pouches (any brand ... please remove the straws and squeeze out as much of the juice as you can)

•cookie bags (like Oreos)

•lunch kit containers (like lunchables)

•chip bags (like Frito-Lay)

•glue sticks and glue bottles

•Kashi packaging

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